OFFICIAL STATEMENT FOR THE PRESS is thrilled that a team of Senators have banded together in an attempt to take back our subway. The inconsiderate people who eat entire meals with no regard for their fellow commuters spread food and garbage everywhere. Their ignorance has made the rats larger and bolder than ever. It’s time to put an end to this before the actual vermin join the criminals in stealing your iPhones.


Head Pigparazzi in Charge


  1. So if your only real concern is rats, then that should apply to the entire city. Above ground, in our apartments, in alleyways. No food or eating there? Your loathsome disregard for a simple liberty is just as disgusting as the behavior YOU see. Okay, you don’t like halal, fast food, or anything else slightly stinky. Really, you’re saying “the smell of some ethnic foods bothers me,” but you try to talk about rats, bad hygiene, and a bunch of other imaginary bullshit. Would it be so bad if a homeless man were eating a piece of bread on the subway, or should that be illegal too?

    • First off, if you actually explored the site you’d see that we LOVE falafel. See for yourself:

      Secondly, this is a website about people eating in a confined space, being inconsiderate to other people who are trying to get from point A to point B without offensive smells, spills, etc. It’s rapid transit. It’s not a cafeteria. We have never criticized eating anywhere other than rapid transit.

      There’s no “imaginary bullshit” regarding the rats being bigger and stronger because of food. It’s fact.

      As for the homeless, they shouldn’t be on the subway. They shouldn’t be on the streets either. They should be in shelters. I don’t care to preach about this or debate it, but you brought it up.

      Lastly, I never claimed to not be disgusting. You obviously find me offensive and repulsive. Great! It’s my right to feel the same way about you when you’re spraying rat supper all over the place and forcing me to smell it on my way home from work.

  2. This is excellent! I was thrilled to hear about the proposed ban. I made a video about it:

    I also run a subway blog and it’s called

    I snap pictures of any type of inconsiderate behavior on the train (food eating, taking up more than 1 seat, leaning on the pole, blocking the doors).

    Check it out and keep your posts coming!



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