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Make no mistake. trainpigs.com has been a huge success.

However, a website that generally grosses people out doesn’t get bookmarked or visited often.

Since we launched in 2009, the press coverage has been hilarious.


If you don’t think this very website was discussed in top brass MTA  meetings behind closed doors, you’re nuts.

I’m sure they would NEVER admit to it. But they did. F you, Joe Lhota. You troll. Please don’t let this pompous dbag become our next mayor. Vote for the other candidate.

So here’s the deal: This website lives on. I have no plans to make it disappear.


GO FOR IT! Post your photos freely, and be be creative with your captions.

Facebook is way more fun anyway. Spread the word, tell your other disgusted friends to like us on facebook, and let’s grow over there.


-Head Pigparazzi

MTA Frightfest

This epic Halloween Frightfest is described by the angry Pigparazzi:

amazing, i find this one guy munching away on a smelly tuna sandwich then the next thing you know another trainpig comes on with a really smelly dish of ziti.  this guy with the ziti just shoveled that stuff in his mouth while the whole train car completely stunk from tuna and nasty ziti.  that guy was eating the ziti like it was the first time he ever ate anything.  why can’t they pass that law banning these pigs from ruining our ride.  the subways are terrible enough, why do we have to endure these nasty munchers. 



Food Workout

Anonymously submitted with this note:

This guy was going uptown on the 1 and couldn’t shovel his food in fast enough. It was falling off of the fork and out of his mouth the whole time. He would sometimes flick it off of the seat or his shorts onto the rest of us.  He may have been in killer shape but his manners weren’t.

I’m Feelin’ SUBWAY

It’s always amazing to us when someone decides there is no better place than the actual subway to consume an entire five dollar footlong.

Thanks to Big Bad NY’r for this series….here’s a bonus REMNANT from Rafael:

The Case of the Nonchalant Newspaper Man

Thanks to SS for this HILARIOUS action shot. We laughed out loud for about fifteen seconds after opening your email. Great work.

Also, why is he so close to Newspaper Man when there’s all that room to his left? Inconsiderate in every way possible. He should have offered Newspaper Man a bite.

Point A to Point B on the Vile Disgusting C

Thanks to Tripp, who was none too pleased by the olfactory assault as he simply tried to get from point A to point B. As if the C train isn’t bad enough, cursed with some of the oldest cars in the entire fleet possessing their own unique stench.


Nothing like getting on the train half-drunk late one night, wanting nothing more than couch and tv, only to be attacked by the wretched stench of The Gentleman’s fourth meal. F you. Hope one night at home you choke on your pipe while wearing fungus-covered slippers.

You can turn, but you can’t hide.

Chomp away, troll. All I want to do is get home from work without having to inhale your odious stench.

Styrofoam Sty

Today we’re featuring the all-too-familiar feeling of entering the most vile place on the planet and immediately having your senses also attacked by some sort of substance emanating from a Styrofoam Sty.

Just what you need after an irritating day at work.

Tossed Salad

From the platform to the corner table, this guy went to town all over this tossed salad.