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Here at trainpigs.com, we are on a mission to educate the public as to why eating on the subway is completely unacceptable.
Bon Appetit!

1. You are in a confined space. Nobody else has access to food. Ever think that the human next to you might be hungry? People have killed for chicken wings in NYC….You think you’re safe with your EGG FOO YUN on the L??

2. Your food smells. You probably smell. Everything down there smells. Do we need MORE smells?!?

3. You THINK you are being neat. You are not. Crumbs are flying, noodles are flying, there are food spills, liquid spills, all KINDS of spills. Sometimes ON other passengers. Do you think that’s okay?

4. You clean up after yourself? Really? If that’s the case, why is the subway blanketed with food garbage? There are more rats than humans in the NYC underground thanks to train pigs.

**OK fine we have learned that it is not. It should be. LITTERING however is, and most Pigs seem to do that. You could get a ticket for this filthy behavior. You don’t, because the cops are too busy trying to stop people from getting mugged/shot/jizzed on/etc.

A pig’s worst nightmare–a trash receptacle

If someone handed you a meal in a garbage dump, would you unwrap and eat it right there? How about inside a portable toilet? Think about it.
To sum things up, you are a vile, disgusting creature who respects nobody. Probably not even yourself. You may resemble a human, but by no means should you be considered one. *this paragraph is humor. It’s even funnier when people take it literally. 


Lest you think we’re completely nuts….we here at Train Pigs think ALL liquids should be 100% legal on the subway.

Water, coffee, soda, booze, EVERYTHING. It’s vile down there, but nobody should be dehydrated.

Currently, anyone can bust out a falafel or fried chicken and stink up the joint while spraying dinner for rats everywhere.

However, if someone wants to unwind on the way home from work with a beer in a paper bag, they are committing a misdemeanor.

This is sheer insanity.

Thanks for checking out trainpigs.com.

trainpigs.com was created by a native New Yorker who was born and raised in Manhattan. He grew disgusted by how mall-like/bridge and tunnel/transplant-packed it became, and moved to Brooklyn.

He then discovered what didn’t happen nearly as much when he rode the subway to and from school every day growing up, and grew disgusted enough to start this dumb website.

He is aware that many people are offended by it, and/or do not understand its humor. He does not care about them. Go start a pro-eating on the train website.

40 responses to “About us

  1. Hi. Love your site. I have been viewing it ever since AM NY first mention you in their newspaper. It always cheers me up and gives me a good laugh, especially since I see pigs like that all the time on the trains! They must all be oblivious to your great underground movement!
    Take care.

  2. Thanks Lisa!

    The MTA should allow beverages (including booze), but end the food madness.

    Rats are attacking humans.

    It’s time.

    It’s time.

  3. Bravo Trainpigs.com. Keep fighting the good fight and kicking the good ass. Your efforts bringing light to much needed MTA reform is very important and much appreciated. Cheers from your friends at SeatHogs.com.

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  5. This site is so refreshing. I thought I was the only one that finds eating on the train VOM. Thank you so much for outing these hogs! I can’t have my D&D iced coffee (well, I do anyway, just try to give me a ticket) but Joe Jerkoff can eat his stanky ass sack of dollar menu garbage right next to me? Also, why is it these pigs have to eat the smelliest crap? Sterilization should be mandatory for every pig caught eating on the train.

  6. Keep up the good fight. I write about these things as well and half the time I feel like I am the only person that feels this way. Check out my site and feel free to use the picture of the lady giving herself a manicure on the train. Yuck!

  7. Occasionaleaterbutnotapig

    An open bottle of beer is illegal in public spaces in New York City. The subway system counts as a public space, doesn’t it?

    I admit some foods are too messy to eat on the train and some people are just plain messy, but some of the pictures posted on the website are not of messy or pungent foods or messy eaters. Be realistic; not everyone has the time to stop off at a park or wander around for a public bench to eat at. And not every fast food place has a seat for everyone.

    If your schedule is really hectic, would you really want to spend an extra half hour to an hour eating or save time by doing it while commuting? Some people have two jobs and a family or full-time jobs and night school. What else do you do on the train other than wait or read?

    Apparently, you have too much time on your hands to even need to eat while commuting if you have to time to build a website about it and maintain it. Or is this jealousy that you didn’t think to get something to eat before boarding a train? Some people are more sensible than that and have too busy a life to cater to your whims.

    Don’t blame the rats on people eating on the trains alone. Rats will eat anything and have been in New York for centuries. They go above ground and go through your curbside garbage, go through sewer pipes and out through your toilet for food. They’ve attacked homeless people before. They’re also in every borough.

    New York has always been full of transplants. Where did your ancestors come from? If it wasn’t full of transplants, it wouldn’t be New York and it wouldn’t be here.

    Also please lower the extremism in your statements. You sound rabid. It’s hard to see any reasonableness in it when half of what you say is angry shit.

    • Jeez dude get a sense of humor. I’m not changing mine to please you.

      • If this is what you consider humor, then I think you might want to re-evaluate what you find humorous. You just sound like a whiny person who has the privilege of not having to eat in the trains, not like some crusader to better everyone’s travel experience and cut down on the rat population.

        I get it, I get it, I was raised by a woman who absolutely hated sloppy eaters and sometimes people are extremely messy on the trains, but I can tell you one thing–shaming people into changing their ways because they’re trying to get in what might be their only meal of the day while they are rushing to work, or home to get their kids, or may simply have no home to return to only sounds like privileged snobby bullshit, and not like concern for the condition of the public transit system, no matter how hard you try to spin it.

        Maybe they’re diabetic, or anemic, or just fucking starving after a long day of dealing with bullshit, but encouraging people to snap photos of these people and labeling them “pigs” as a way to dehumanize them and turn them into the punchline of your jokes is just not funny to me. It’s arrogant.

      • Yes, I’m also arrogant. Never claimed to not be arrogant. I whine and complain excessively. It’s all true.

  8. Occasionaleaterbutnotapig

    Your sense of humor doesn’t lend itself well to the written word.

    But if this is all just for humor’s sake, I suggest a disclaimer and giving those people anonymity by blacking out their eyes in the pictures. It’s less personal that way.

  9. You guys are weird. It’s really difficult not to start wondering what kind of insecurities or previous traumas could make you start up these passive-aggressive hating-on websites, even as a joke.

    As someone else pointed out, you’re mainly not even getting people with messy food! Just people trying to grab a bite to eat on the go!

    I happen to live in a city where eating on the subway is pretty unusual – I’m in a country where people like to take time with their food. Unfortunately, I’m working a fairly low-paid job involving a lot of inner-city transport. I sometimes find myself spending almost as much time in transit as in the office. I can’t afford the time or money to go and sit in a cafe or park. I’m aware that people like you exist and this can make me self-conscious about eating on public transport, even though it’s often the only time I have where I can actually sit or stand still.

    I’m not too worried about the germs. I figure that it’s like living in the country – your body builds up resistance over time. Maybe.

    In any case, I’m just having trouble trying to understand you. It’s like you live in a bubble. But not a happy one. I’m sorry you feel this way.

  10. No need to feel sorry for us!

    There are hundreds of photos on the site, and the majority of them involve messy and/or fragrant meals.

    It’s possible that you could live your whole life in NYC without a lot of things making you insane on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we haven’t found this to be the case.

    Personally, I spent many years working a LOT of odd hours and not having much time for anything. I grew up with no money. Even then, the idea of cracking open a styrofoam container and having a meal in the subway was vile to me.

    I’m also surprised at how comfortable people get in the subway, often letting their guard down completely. The subway is not a safe place. It never has been.

    I have carried meals secured in containers in bags on the train many times. I have been very hungry while doing this. You might think I’m stupid for starving myself. That’s cool. I prefer to eat anywhere above ground (except in a public bus).

    Regardless, you are correct. I am in fact pretty damn weird, insecure, and have had quite a bit of trauma in my life. Most New Yorkers have.

    Thanks for visiting!

  11. Grow up and get a life. Dorks!

  12. I don’t wanna grow up. I wanna be a TOYS R US KID!

  13. I can’t believe people are defending rudeness! Worse, they’re acting as if you’re some kind of miserable person for pointing it out. It’s like being pro-littering and criticizing someone who’s saying we should use trashcans. And how funny that they accuse you of whininess as they whine, “Maybe they’re diabetic or anemic.” Yes, I’m sure that’s why these folks are laying out entire McDonald’s dinners in subway cars. “Rats have been in New York for centuries.” True, but the candy wrappers and spat-out sunflower seeds are from today, and they’re gross.

    OK, it’s not 9/11 or Katrina, but in order to keep a city like New York a livable place, everyone has to respect personal space. It’s the series of small indignities that make it tough. Being squeezed on top of strangers is humiliating enough, but it’s an efficient public transportation system if humans respect one another. I don’t care how many jobs you have to work, forcing people to watch, hear and/or smell your food smacks of entitlement.

  14. Well said. It is an actual issue.

    I’m always surprised when people don’t get the humor.

    Then I remember that we live in a world where asstards like “Snooki” and “The Situation” are considered celebrities, Jay Leno is the highest-rated late night host, and Ryan Seacrest is a mogul.

    I can’t expect the mainstream to ever “get” this kind of humor.

    I think it’s hilarious that they take the time to rage against it. I see websites that I don’t like. All the time. Who cares? That’s why there’s that little box marked “x” up top. Click it, and your problems are forever solved.

    Meanwhile, how do these people have the time to post their rage on this dopey site when they are so busy running from job to job and/or dealing with diabetes/anemia/etc?

    I think that precious time could be better spent consuming a nice meal…..perhaps ABOVE ground.

    • If you’re consistently surprised, then you consistently don’t see the bigger picture. You’re the one lacking some understanding. Everyone gets your point- you don’t like people eating on the subway. You don’t get their point- addressing it this way in intrusive, inappropriate, childish, and evil. The even bigger issue possibly is your severe lack of empathy, basic logic, selfish ‘everything my way OR ELSE’ attitude, and the lack of understanding of this concept:

      Cruel and Unusal punishment.

      Defined for you here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/cruel+and+unusual+punishment

      “Punishment prohibited by the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. Cruel and unusual punishment includes torture, >>>> deliberately degrading punishment, or punishment that is too severe for the crime committed <<<<. This concept helps guarantee due process even to convicted criminals.

      People are probably lashing out at you so hard and don't just ignore your blog for those reasons. You're committing a social crime bigger than the issue at hand by the way you handle the issue and yourself.

      Interestingly, you come off as being very poor and uneducated, which could explain your lack of class, maturity, and common sense, but at the same time you seem extremely spoiled, to explain your incredible selfishness and stubbornness. (Not that those circumstances necessarily derail one from being able to reasonably live within a society, but social science would be fascinated by what created you)

      I guarantee someone in your life has eaten on the subway, and would not in anyway let you out them like this.

      I'm surprised you cited snooki and the situation, since your maturity and IQ level would probably fall in line with their's, and you seem like you'd be the kind of person that loves to watch that show.

      Please stop using humor as a defense. It's OBVIOUS that the main point of your site was not comedy, that's just what you're trying to use as a convincing defense after this backlash- it's just not working.

      you: 'oh i was just kidding, it was mostly for fun'….
      person that does not exist: 'ohhh! just for fun?! you should be able to have fun! what's wrong with that?! ok little boy, continue'

      Is this what you were expecting? Sorry, please can see through that.

      I appreciate that you understand that someone can ignore something if they don't like something… People have a choice on whether to read your blog or not. However, the victims in your captures never had a choice to be published, called 'pigs' and promoted online as such. That's why people take so much offense and feel they have to right your wrongs even if it had nothing to do with them.

      It's actually good that you're anonymous- it means nobody attacking you is personal. Nobody even knows who you are. (Too bad your victims couldn't have the same protection). Since it's not personal, you can just delete everything and pretend it never happened. You won't look like an idiot in your personal life. This asshole blog owner will just cease to exist and will no longer be associated with you. If the people who personally know about you and this site would judge you for changing your position, just say it was annoying to deal with emails and comments?

      If you are a friend to this blog owner, please have the guts to suggest that they should take the site down if you believe they should. Here's hope that your unbiased position will lead to you doing the right thing.

      • Victims! Ha. That’s a good one. They are visible when they eat on the train. Nobody has their personal information. In a city of 8 million people, they are as anonymous as you and I.

        Thanks for reading, glad you are enjoying the blog so much.

  15. Ya know, it IS gross when people eat on trains, but my god, could you sound more unbalanced? It’s like you simultaneously hate yet want to boink all of your LITTLE PIGGY MONSTERS!!! OOH SIR GENTLEMAN PIGGY PIG PIG! Like, what? I’m just kind of concerned, really.

  16. Yes this is a concern that should be addressed immediately.

    Fun of any kind should be eliminated from the website. It should simply be a slide show of people eating, with no humor or comments whatsoever.

    Who are you Billy, a radio consultant?

  17. yes, I’m taking time out of my day to tell you I think you’re a dick. that’s how much of a dick I think you are.

  18. I’m so confused. You don’t mind liquids – including alcohol and drinks with sugar, both of which attract bugs and rats – but a snack is the end of the world? I have seen more spills on a subway resulting from drinks than food, that’s for sure. As for it being “gross,” that’s pretty subjective. Yes, objectively there are lots of germs in subways, but objectively there are lots of germs in your just washed laundry too. So why are you making the decision of what is acceptable for other people, and then trying to shame them into following it? Just makes me a little sad. Obviously, people being messy or inconsiderate with their food is obnoxious, but that’s not what I see when I look at many of these photos.

    • Sorry you’re sad.

      In case you haven’t noticed, trash cans in subways are overflowing with food garbage.

      MTA is cutting jobs, not creating them. Garbage pickup will not improve in our lifetimes.

      Most people eating aren’t neat and food flies everywhere.

      Rats are getting bigger, stronger, and bolder. They are biting people on platforms.

      If you don’t think there’s a problem, fine.
      You don’t have to look at this website either.

      • the “you don’t need to look at this” argument holds no water.

        it could be said about anything – and would be equally true, and equally meaningless.

      • It’s not an argument, it’s a statement of fact. Nobody is being forced to look at this website. People choose to. Many enjoy it. Every now and then someone gets upset over it. I approve the comments, then respond.

  19. There are two divergent (though not mutually exclusive) lines of reasoning – 1) the site is a comedic piece and 2) eating on NYC is actually a problem that needs to be addressed (“Yes this is a concern that should be addressed immediately.”)

    I’m fine with the first one, although I don’t actually find it funny. But hey, I’m not going to ridicule you for your sense of humor.

    But if you could just indulge me… seriously… Under what circumstances would this site be funny? Would it be funny to take a picture of someone eating a hotdog at a hockey game? No… A restaurant? No… In the Penn Station lobby? No… On the subway car? Hell yeah, that’s hilarious… Explain that to me, please.

    Regarding the second part… if it’s seriously an issue, don’t bash people for disagreeing with you by telling them to ‘get a sense of humor’ or whatever. I happen to be hypoglycemic – I need to eat very often throughout the day in order to stabilize my blood sugar. When you are starving, your tummy hurts and you just need to wait another 10 minutes before you can eat. When I’m starving, I pass out. I am not deluded enough to think that this is the dominant motivator for people who eat on trains, but seriously – be sensitive to the fact that there may be a million different motivations for eating on the subway, many of which are legitimate. People have places to be, trains to catch, etc. and may not have the time to sit and eat ‘above ground,’ which is somehow so much better. Many people are not slobs. Many people do not litter. Many foods are not smelly. But… it’s supposedly inappropriate in every conceivable case for someone to eat on the subway. Yeah, I just don’t follow your reasoning.

    So, what’s the big deal, again? Oh, right – it’s humor. But respect the fact that many people do not think it’s an issue and do not think it’s funny to take a close-up picture of some random person eating a salad… Under what circumstances would that be appropriate? Is it ever really appropriate to take pictures of random strangers and then posting it on a blog, especially under such pretenses – that is, people eating on a subway…? Come on… people get hungry. People eat. Sometimes it happens to be on a subway. Perhaps that’s indecent… but at least afford them the decency of not sticking a camera in their face while they’re doing it. Geez.

    If you want the MTA to change the policy, start a petition. Not a photo blog.

    • Agreed, and the MTA has dealt with this issue and decided it’s still a non-issue. The blog owners actually believes that strangers in a public place wouldn’t mind secret pictures taken of them and put online, because their general argument is- if you are in a public place, you must not care about anything.

  20. I agree that there should be something about controlling these whole eating on the train situation but I would suggest that you change up a bit your argument. Your argument is aggressive and disrespectful towards people…and to the pigs. Why would you insult the innocent pigs…comparing them to humans is an insult! Anyways when you say “To sum things up, you are a vile, disgusting creature who respects nobody. Probably not even yourself. You may resemble a human, but by no means should you be considered one.”

    That is not respectful…it is an ad hominem or in other words it is an abusive fallacy. Maybe next time you should build up your case with some statistics, some concrete evidence that supports your argument.

    As a New Yorker I believe that if you’re going to eat, eat something that doesn’t smell, something small like a snack and to always pick up after yourself.

    Oh and rats don’t only get their food from train stations, they have feet…they go out into the city and come back into the train stations to live in.

    • If I can’t make myself laugh with this website, I see no point in doing it. Many people find it humorous. Most people find it vulgar and offensive. I’m fine with that.

      This is a hobby, not my actual job or life. The overly PC world is extremely boring and fewer people have the ability to laugh these days. This website is for people who dig it.

      • I really don’t see the humor…there were a few pix that seemed funny but when you start insulting people…well the humor vanishes.

        Anyways good luck with your hobby 🙂

  21. The people raging against this web site must be the train pigs pictured here. I really don’t know how these people can come on this web site and actually have a defense for some of the rude people that could care less about anyone else. I took a picture of a train pig who actually saw himself in one of my pics on this site. He couldn’t believe that he was pictured here (oh the shame of it) and has vowed never to bring smelly egg sandwiches on the train any more.
    Tell me that you have to take the train to and from work every day and actually enjoy the ‘mariachi bands, the doo wops, the hip hoppers, the accordian players, the pleaders, the preachers, the circus performers, the monkeys that like to swing from the safety bars people have to hold while the train is moving, the personal trainers giving everyone on the train some work out lessons on those same bars, the perfumers, the body odors, the seat hoggers and most of all the EATERS’ of the transit systems.
    i have seen a family of 6 on their way to Coney Island break out the fried chicken and fixin’s. of course their ride was enjoyable for them but not for anyone else who had to endure the smells and the cannibalistic way they consumed their food. At least they were considerate to someone at the MTA, kept them on the job for the length of time it took to clean up after them. I don’t know about you but when i am on my way to and from work I personally do not need to be in the grasp of these people as when you are on a subway train and those doors close, you are trapped.
    i personally don’t agree on the consumption of liquids, as some of these people could care less who they spill it on, never clean it if it spills on a seat or the floor. how many times have you not been able to sit because someone spilled a drink on a seat and leave the container under the seat (their personal garbage bin). i can not stand the smell of hazlenut coffee while i am on the trains. it seems thats all they drink in the morning and it gives me a headache. On normal days and normal places these foods smell really good to me (some anyway) but on a crowded train????

    Anyway i am sure you can see that i love this web site and so glad it was brought to peoples attention as these sub human pigs need to be exposed. I hope with the help of this web site we can rehabilitate some lost souls and keep our subway rides smell free.


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  23. Food for thought (but not on the train, asshole): the DC Metro system bans all food and beverages on their trains, and yet somehow people there are not constantly dropping dead from complications from diabetes or hypoglycemia. Furthermore, I’ll say this AGAIN: if you are in medical danger if you do not eat, perhaps a protein bar would be a better choice than a pasta dinner or a 24-piece bucket of wings. Doesn’t smell, no mess, gives you energy, often contains as many calories and vitamins/minerals as the average meal (and far better for you than fast food), costs far less than the full meals that we’re all here objecting to. I think that pretty much negates all of these ridiculous arguments, right? Did I address all the points here? Oh — one more — the rats may not be entirely due to subway pigs, but people tossing food right there on the ground for them prooooobably isn’t helping the situation. Seriously, why are you defending this behavior?? Perhaps next you’d like to tell all of us why picking one’s nose and then wiping it on the subway pole is A-OK, or why it’s 100% acceptable to deny a seat to the pregnant or elderly.

  24. Oh, and if you’ve ever tried to say anything to these people, i.e. “Excuse me, but would you mind putting your food away? The smell is making me sick to my stomach on this moving train” or “Please pick up the chicken bones you just threw on the floor” or “You just spilled teriyaki all over my shoes,” you’ve surely found that the result is inevitably either silence (you are ignored), derisive laughter (you are the crazy one, obviously) or, in my case once, being shoved. In the face of a distinct attitude of entitlement and a complete lack of decorum or regard for others, what else can people do? Some of us are tired of looking the other way, because what that really amounts to is allowing the offending party to continue offending without consequence. Where is the line? Should subway gropers also not be shamed publicly, because maybe they have a compulsive grabbing disorder? Should we not say anything to a young person hogging a handicapped seat when a lady with a cane boards the bus, because that kid probably has a legitimate medical condition and can’t stand, and God forbid we risk offending anyone? Yes, let’s all just remain silent about this kind of bad behavior, because that’s the New York way. Just mind your own business and forget it’s happening, right? As the city goes right down the shitter. “Common decency” isn’t really an appropriate label for something that becomes more and more rare with each generation (and spare me the old man jokes, I’m 27).

  25. Allegra, we love you. Thanks.

  26. Just wondering if you are equally shaming and hateful to people who need to eat on trains? Sometimes my T1 diabetic dad needs to have a piece of chocolate, or juice, or sweets – whatever – so he does not go into a diabetic coma. If I found a picture of him on a site like this….

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