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Disclaimer: This website was designed for people who are in possession of a sense of humor. If you do not find this site funny, maybe THIS is the kind of “humor” you can appreciate. Thank you.

10 responses to “Pig Press

  1. What’s wrong with people eating on a train? As long as you THROW AWAY your trash and aren’t eating a ball of stinky shit who cares?

    How about a website that focuses on the inconsiderate assholes who stand in the train doorway, take up more than one seat or asshats who park their bikes perpendicular to the doors? Those are the true train pigs.

    • Most people ARE eating a ball of stinky shit, and then they throw their trash everywhere but the garbage cans (which happen to be overflowing anyway).

      As for the website you’re looking for, take a look at Seat Hogs. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  2. You guys are such assholes for invading peoples privacy. You think you’re doing something justified but you’re doing something even more inconsiderate. You may have a problem with people eating on the subway, but a lot of people don’t, and even if it were completely 100% agreed upon by everyone as wrong, pushing your position this way is inappropriate and a WORSE offense. Eating on the subway is legal, invading people’s privacy by publishing photos of them while they’re going to and coming from work in commute is illegal and obviously moral wrong. If you still think it’s ok, please ask a group of you’re friends what they think about this and consider their opinion.

  3. 1- There’s a difference between going on a subway and knowing your limited amount of privacy, and being published on the internet and insulted. You think it’s ok if I go up to you’re house and take a secret picture while you leave and put it online? You would without a doubt want to knock my head off. I don’t event take the subway first of all so it’s really not about people eating on it. I’m just surprised by your lack of common moral sense as to what is ok and what is not and having to defer to the law that simply hasn’t caught up with the internet age and simply doesn’t try to teach you simply moral lessons that your parents should have taught you. Taking SECRET pictures using cellphones without the other person’s consent OBVIOUSLY means the person knows it’s not ok, that’s why they they had to do it secretly. Should the rider have known this was happening they would refuse consent without doubt.
    2. I’m glad you’re able to make sense of what you read despite mispellings and my disregard to grammar. I’m disappointed you can’t make sense of how it’s still an invasion of privacy and just plain hurtful and rude and makes others uncomfortable. You try to publicize this website on twitter and all this BS cuz you have no life and try to humiliate others, and you know what you’re doing is offensive to a lot, which is why you use domainsbyproxy… Why don’t you have the guts to put a picture of your face online and caption it, ‘one of the most exciting parts of my life life is when i try to make a couple of my friends laugh and feel like I’m trying to do something important by humiliating others unnecessarily for something that isn’t even wrong to do’. You know deep inside that’s the honest truth. Re-read that sentence and see if you disagree with ANY part of it.

    Even TMZ stopped trying to just embarrass celebrities in public and now tends to only show those that are willing to be on camera. Ask this simple question to yourself and your low IQ friends – would you be ok with someone making a site and putting up your pictures without your consent?

    Just be a nice person and take your site down and sacrifice your anonymous attempts at fame and personal significance. At this point you probably know you maybe crossed a line ethically, but it might be embarrassing for you to just admit you were wrong and do a 180 this late in the game, especially after all your effort and defenses. You’ll look much better to your friends by sticking to your guns, but don’t worry about your self esteem and how others might think of you. We all understand you were just initially pissed about people eating on the subway and wanted to do something. We’ll all forgive you and appreciate if you take the site down cause you realize it’s not worth embarrassing innocent unknowing people who, to their knowledge, were doing what they thought was ok. I hope you take the last sentence to heart. If they knew better they wouldn’t do it so forgive them, don’t sacrifice their humility just for your ‘movement’ and a few laughs. By the same token, since you didn’t know better than to invade another’s privacy and embarrass them for fun, we’ll forgive you since you know better now.

    BTW, it’s also legal for me to cuss at you and call you a p*ssy, and put your picture online without your consent saying I don’t like you, but that doesn’t mean it’s nice. I’m from Bk so its disappointing to see that this area and really the whole country in general lacks such basic common sense and humanity. I hope you’re not a teenager cause then your attitude and actions would be even less surprising.

    Note, that image that you had saying NO EATING is a misrepresentation. Eating on the subway is ok, people see that image and think – ok so obviously you’re not supposed to so these people deserve to be humiliated, they had it coming. That sign had to do with that specific area. Eating is not banned on the subway. I guess this is how you try to get people to side with you and make you feel right, by tricking them from the start. Know a lot less people would agree with you had they known the truth about that sign and your intention to wrongly trick them into holding your opinion.

    Lastly, see this poll:


    It’s outrageous. Some people have long commutes, and eating on the go is sometimes the only option. – 23 (38%)

    It’s necessary. Too many people do not follow any subway etiquette, and leave their trash behind on subway cars. – 22 (36%)

    Lawmakers should be more aggressively going after people who litter, if rats are the real problem. – 15%

    You’re not in a huge majority making an example out of ‘criminals’, you’re not even in the majority. You have to just accept a difference of opinion and not try to ‘blackmail’ society into agreeing by posting their pics online, that’s selfish.

    Grow up please

    • Glad you don’t have to ride the subway. stop worrying about what doesn’t surround you on a daily basis. You’re an idiot. Yes, you’re, which means YOU ARE.

      YOUR means something that belongs to you. Like YOUR STICK UP YOUR ASS. You grow up. If people eat in a public place, they clearly don’t see a problem with it. Why would they care if pictures are taken? That’s right. They wouldn’t.

  4. You find this to be logical? “If people eat in a public place, they clearly don’t see a problem with it. Why would they care if pictures are taken? That’s right. They wouldn’t.” Can you even believe you said that? To generalize and more accurately define your argument: if one does something in public place or in commute -> it follows they are ok with it being published for the world to see online AND to be ridiculed by it.

    You are out of your mind and in denial if you think that’s true.

    By that logic you wouldn’t care if someone caught you outside and put a live feed of you on the homepage of google in an effort to make you look like an idiot. Correct? Well I guess you might not mind since you seem to do that well on your own. Oh no, wait, again your site and domain are anonymous, so although the internet is a public place, you do understand and still yearn for whatever reasonable level of privacy you can attain.

    The train is not a fukin stage. For most people, like yourself, it’s a necessary commute. Not your unwilling chance at permanent online celebrity. Instead of acting like and supporting stalkers, put a camera in someones face the next time you’re on the train and tell them you’re going to post their picture online. See how fast it gets violent. Better hope that your phone isn’t expensive to replace and that you have health insurance.

    • “Fukin” is not a word. By the way, if you step out of your house, there are cameras and satellites watching you.

      Someone wants to put a live feed of me walking down the street on Google? I really don’t care. Go for it.

      You’re anonymous too.

  5. I agree with what people are saying on here, I do feel that most people on the train are disgusting when eating their food. But that’s where the human race is headed, people don’t care about one another or how they intrude on them, hence this self absorbed 36 year old local TV broadcaster who cant give his name out because of his current employer isn’t thrilled with what hes doing. Sound familiar pig. Information is easy to come by. You too can be intruded upon.

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