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MTA Frightfest

This epic Halloween Frightfest is described by the angry Pigparazzi:

amazing, i find this one guy munching away on a smelly tuna sandwich then the next thing you know another trainpig comes on with a really smelly dish of ziti.  this guy with the ziti just shoveled that stuff in his mouth while the whole train car completely stunk from tuna and nasty ziti.  that guy was eating the ziti like it was the first time he ever ate anything.  why can’t they pass that law banning these pigs from ruining our ride.  the subways are terrible enough, why do we have to endure these nasty munchers. 




trainpigs.com is thrilled that a team of Senators have banded together in an attempt to take back our subway. The inconsiderate people who eat entire meals with no regard for their fellow commuters spread food and garbage everywhere. Their ignorance has made the rats larger and bolder than ever. It’s time to put an end to this before the actual vermin join the criminals in stealing your iPhones.


Head Pigparazzi in Charge

Lounge Pig

JGR was none too pleased with these filthy shoes, the crust of which will grace your pants one day.

Wold Hog

Matt from the East Village tells us: “this filthy wildebeest took up 3 seats eating cookies on the Q.”
Oh man. We are going to be laughing all day over this one.

More than we bargained for.