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trainpigs.com is thrilled that a team of Senators have banded together in an attempt to take back our subway. The inconsiderate people who eat entire meals with no regard for their fellow commuters spread food and garbage everywhere. Their ignorance has made the rats larger and bolder than ever. It’s time to put an end to this before the actual vermin join the criminals in stealing your iPhones.


Head Pigparazzi in Charge

Tupperware Taskmaster

Another Janelle special. She does not disappoint. Janelle writes: “I wasn’t able to get the best shots of this Gentleman, but he came on the train with his numbskull girlfriend (who ran over my foot with the stroller) and a HUUUUGE Tupperware bowl.

“It was filled with chicken and rice that he consumed not with a plastic utensil, but with his fingers. Notice in the blurry 3rd shot he is actually licking his fingers clean.”

Vile. Time to get that hazmat suit. Are they only available in yellow?

WTF is wrong with people?

Click to read the VILE article from today’s New York Times. All photos were taken by Yana Paskova for the New York Times.

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L train with HUMMUS

Don’t you just want to punch them in the face?

Ninja Movie Pig

Get some headphones, a-hole. Nobody else wants to hear the swordfight.

Falafel + shades + pole = VILE