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Salad Series

Thanks to Rafael for this Salad Series.

Stuffin’ a Beak, Hoggin’ a Seat

Anonymously submitted.

7th Avenue Diner

Raf was just trying to get to work, when the smell of this burger wafted into his unguarded nose. Shocked and dismayed, he captured THE MONEYSHOT:

Pig Love

Thanks to Rafael, who captured these lovebirds at Feeding Time.


Open wiiiiiide…..






Bus Pigs


As if riding the bus isn’t irritating enough, you make the regrettable mistake of breathing in and catching a whiff of lunch. Thanks for that. Really.


This one had to be edited. Lest anyone think we were trying to pull an “upskirt.” Uh, no.

Orange, Asbestos, and Human Waste Appetizer

If you’re going to comment “shut up man, it’s just an orange, WTF, blah blah blah” don’t bother. In fact, YOU GO AHEAD AND STFU.

I didn’t even spot this. I smelled it. Orange mixed with all of the other odors down there is particularly vile. Stop the madness.

New from the MTA: KITCHEN CAR

This was anonymously submitted, and inspired us here at trainpigs.com to get back to work. We’ve been crazy busy with real life stuff.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…..a cutting board?? Onions???

What’s in the bag, a frying pan and hot plate?!?!?!

The time has come to get back to exposing this vile behavior.

Anyone want to try and defend this classy lady?!

Oh. This is supposed to be “performance art”. Whatever. Take your cutting board back to your TROLL HOLE, woman.

Foot Pig

Our pal MC was disgusted when she spotted this on the 2. Let’s start a caption thread! I’ll go first:

30 seconds after this photo was taken, somebody poured ketchup on the feet and tried to eat.

Seathogging Train Pig

From our friends at the amazing SEATHOGS comes this photo series featuring a rare combo.

Hybrid Pig/Hog! Wish there was a term for that. Pog?

Would the lady like her nail file and slippers?