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Make no mistake. has been a huge success.

However, a website that generally grosses people out doesn’t get bookmarked or visited often.

Since we launched in 2009, the press coverage has been hilarious.


If you don’t think this very website was discussed in top brass MTA  meetings behind closed doors, you’re nuts.

I’m sure they would NEVER admit to it. But they did. F you, Joe Lhota. You troll. Please don’t let this pompous dbag become our next mayor. Vote for the other candidate.

So here’s the deal: This website lives on. I have no plans to make it disappear.


GO FOR IT! Post your photos freely, and be be creative with your captions.

Facebook is way more fun anyway. Spread the word, tell your other disgusted friends to like us on facebook, and let’s grow over there.


-Head Pigparazzi

New from the MTA: KITCHEN CAR

This was anonymously submitted, and inspired us here at to get back to work. We’ve been crazy busy with real life stuff.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…..a cutting board?? Onions???

What’s in the bag, a frying pan and hot plate?!?!?!

The time has come to get back to exposing this vile behavior.

Anyone want to try and defend this classy lady?!

Oh. This is supposed to be “performance art”. Whatever. Take your cutting board back to your TROLL HOLE, woman.

Sleepy Pig

Thanks to our pal Dave for the heads up on this vile video.

Flavored Shoes

Thanks to Neal for this find. Why do Pigs never crack open a Styrofoam-encased meal next to people like this?

The dude in the middle of this shot rules

Who is he, the CRYPTKEEPER?

Thanks to our friends at the amazing who snapped this photo of the pig on the left. They write: “The noxious effluvium wafted from her paper bag with more deadly strength and force than a soccer kick to the face from a UFC fighter.”

Nice SAT word. We did this so you don’t have to:

Definition of EFFLUVIUM

: an invisible emanation; especially : an offensive exhalation or smell
: a by-product especially in the form of waste

WTF is wrong with people?

Click to read the VILE article from today’s New York Times. All photos were taken by Yana Paskova for the New York Times.

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2006 Pig documents self

What a dick.

Enough to make anyone homicidal

<p><a href=”″>NYC Subway Mariachi Band</a> from <a href=””>Kyle McCluer</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Yeah it’s all fun and games for tourists. I think we should band together and flip out “True Blood” style on these a-holes. Imagine if a mariachi band started this nonsense in your car…you’ve had an awful day and just want to get home….and everyone jumped up and started going all vampire on them. ROOOOOAAAAAARRRR!!!!! Thanks to Kyle McCluer, whose blog site I found this on.

Melissa’s a Pissa

Melissa snapped this interesting albeit confusing shot. She clarifies: “OK… this man got on the train for one stop and was carrying a clear container with a light yellow substance.  I am 90% percent certain it was his own urine. My thought on this is if you have to bring your piss around with you… why not put it in a bag and walk it.

The best part of this pic (since I couldn’t get his face) is the 3 people next to him staring straight ahead. HAHA!”

Lounge Pig

JGR was none too pleased with these filthy shoes, the crust of which will grace your pants one day.