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Nice job, MTA. This is a great way to spend all that extra money you’re making from those fare hikes.

We’ll all be dead by the time the 2nd Avenue Subway rolls out…actually the rats will have consumed us long before then.

But hey–at least the signs at Court Square will be shiny and new…that is, until the Pigs smear their vile remnants all over them and the rats grow to the size of subway cars while munching away.


An all-too-familiar sight. Thanks for cutting back, MTA.

Thanks to “K” for capturing this vile display.

And thanks to Janelle for snapping this vulgar mess.

Enough to make anyone homicidal

<p><a href=”″>NYC Subway Mariachi Band</a> from <a href=””>Kyle McCluer</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Yeah it’s all fun and games for tourists. I think we should band together and flip out “True Blood” style on these a-holes. Imagine if a mariachi band started this nonsense in your car…you’ve had an awful day and just want to get home….and everyone jumped up and started going all vampire on them. ROOOOOAAAAAARRRR!!!!! Thanks to Kyle McCluer, whose blog site I found this on.

Nice "drain"

Pig overflow