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Trapped on the M66

Anonymously submitted. It’s an epic battle of the odors. McDonald’s vs. Chinese food. Wonder which one won?

Stuffin’ a Beak, Hoggin’ a Seat

Anonymously submitted.

I’m Feelin’ SUBWAY

It’s always amazing to us when someone decides there is no better place than the actual subway to consume an entire five dollar footlong.

Thanks to Big Bad NY’r for this series….here’s a bonus REMNANT from Rafael:

The Morning Mess

Anonymously submitted, with this note: Boarded this morning on a Manhattan-bound F train at Roosevelt Avenue. This guy ate two of these stinky mystery meat sandwiches. Apparently he didn’t have enough for the rest of us.

Anonymous Action

We get a lot of anonymous submissions, including this pair of gems, cleverly entitled MONEYSHOT ON THE M66

Wow. Deep. Completely unrelated, this anonymously submitted tale. Enjoy. We did:

I wish I knew about this site last week.

First off, thank you! There is nothing more foul than inconsiderate assholes eating on the train, unless, of course, that person has a strange OCD eating habit/ bulimia.
I had the pleasure, last Wednesday night 9ish on the R train into Queens, of sitting across from a woman eating an apple. Well, she wasn’t exactly eating an apple, but chewing the apple and spitting the chewed apple into a clear plastic zip-lock bag. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. At first I thought she wasn’t actually swallowing any of the apple, but once she finished “chewing” it, she began to cough – hysterically – and regurgitate little bits of apple onto the subway floor. She proceeded to put the zip-lock bag of chewed apple into her large travel bag on wheels.
It didn’t end there. She then pulls a cup of yogurt out of her large bag, and inhales it, like nothing I have ever seen, and then methodically scrapes the container…cue hysterical coughing attempts to not vomit yogurt all over subway floor.
All of the “eating” is spliced with chugging ice water.
This was a fairly crowded subway car, which OF COURSE, crawled beneath the East River at 5 MPH, but everyone on the train was horrified. 
This is not the first time I have seen someone binging and borderline-purging on a subway car. 
I am still baffled as to why people think they can not only eat, but engage in eating-disordered behavior on the train.
Not sure what the point is, sending this very true and disturbing experience into Perhaps the woman will see my report, and realized how thoroughly disturbed she actually is.
Keep up the good work, next time I’ll have the balls to take a photo.
If you do decide to use this on the site, please don’t post my name – thanks, boss.

It’s Not Easy Being Cheesy

At first, we were all “who cares? Drinks are okay. Hell, I should be allowed to drink a beer on the train.” Then we saw the second shot:

Come on man. Eat the slice on the sidewalk.

Thanks to Rafael for the photos and title.

7th Avenue Diner

Raf was just trying to get to work, when the smell of this burger wafted into his unguarded nose. Shocked and dismayed, he captured THE MONEYSHOT:


As I descended into the bowels of Brooklyn earlier today, I had to pause and capture this bagel massacre. What do you do if you drop your bagel with cream cheese? Run like hell, of course.

I mention BOWELS because of a certain photo that has been taking a DUMP all over the internet.

Every now and then, I’m attacked by Pigpathizers, who write nonsensical CRAP about how eating on the train is no big deal. What’s the problem?

Hell, just take a look at the comments on this page if you want to get worked up.

Anyway, back to reality. From now on, I have a link for all Pigpathizers. You want to eat down there? BON APPETIT.

Bonus remnants below spotted by BEER LOVING BUCA:

Today it’s all about BREAKFAST

Michael couldn’t believe his luck, getting on the train and instantly winning a front row seat to this sausage/egg/cheese feeding frenzy.

Thanks to Tripp, who felt his morning would have been just a little less vile had this feeding not taken place.

Rafael comes through with this amazing photo series of a monster sammich.

He writes: “She not only had this huge greasy sandwich, her bag needed a seat too. After the sandwich she drank OJ from a half gallon container. Very classy.”










Pig Love

Thanks to Rafael, who captured these lovebirds at Feeding Time.


Open wiiiiiide…..