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Nothing like getting on the train half-drunk late one night, wanting nothing more than couch and tv, only to be attacked by the wretched stench of The Gentleman’s fourth meal. F you. Hope one night at home you choke on your pipe while wearing fungus-covered slippers.

WTF is Friendster?

One might call this ineffective advertising.

Really now. A “Napster” reference would be more relevant in 2011.

Thanks to our pals at SeatHogs for these shots.

Two men. One penis.

THAT’S what Suits on USA is about? Thanks to our friends at SEATHOGS for snapping this series of amusing graffiti.

MTA: Blowing Your Way

Thanks to Chris for spotting and capturing this much-needed laugh.

He writes: “I personally have never gotten a BJ from an MTA employee, but I won’t stand in the way of others’ pursuit of their rights.”

Yeah, think I saw that addendum to the MTA rules of conduct…..I believe Section 1050.14 gets into technique specifics, explains how toothy is too toothy, etc.

Some Vile Remnants

Death of a Churro.

Unrelated….amusing enough to be posted, but not funny enough for its own post.

Tyler Perry is annoying

The magic’s back!

A kinder, gentler Train Pig

Thanks to our pals at the hilarious who snapped this Cute Pig.

This MILF approached with her daughter, and our kinder Pig took a break from her “face-stuffing party” to help out with some directions.

That’s some double life

Not Pig related. Just funny.

Seriously. You’d think Qdoba would know better!! But hey, we have been laughing all day over this marketing email.