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Make no mistake. has been a huge success.

However, a website that generally grosses people out doesn’t get bookmarked or visited often.

Since we launched in 2009, the press coverage has been hilarious.


If you don’t think this very website was discussed in top brass MTA  meetings behind closed doors, you’re nuts.

I’m sure they would NEVER admit to it. But they did. F you, Joe Lhota. You troll. Please don’t let this pompous dbag become our next mayor. Vote for the other candidate.

So here’s the deal: This website lives on. I have no plans to make it disappear.


GO FOR IT! Post your photos freely, and be be creative with your captions.

Facebook is way more fun anyway. Spread the word, tell your other disgusted friends to like us on facebook, and let’s grow over there.


-Head Pigparazzi

Commuter Chaos

Thanks to our pal GOOD, who found it difficult to deal with this on his NJ Transit ride. GOOD says “There was a third pig just to the left of the guy trying to eat his knee.”

Beer-loving BUCA was shocked and dismayed when he took a seat on the LIRR, only to discover this to his right. Vile, disgusting, monsters.


Your Dinner Date!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to the ever vigilant GOTHAMIST for this.

Also, I know I’ve been slacking lately. Moving sucks. Also been very busy at real job.

Rest assured, your submissions are safe in the PigBox. I have been accumulating quite a few myself.

I hope to get back to regular posting by April…..and if I get some time before then I’ll throw a few gems up.


WNBC piece

Vodpod videos no longer available.

CLICK HERE for the entire article.

Hummus Dippers

Michael was stunned one Friday when he boarded the LIRR and observed a staggering amount of activity. He was particularly captivated by this couple’s feeding time. You have to wonder what the conductor thinks when he’s handed a ticket smeared with hummus.

Mustard Madness

Jon from Queens was trapped on a crowded LIRR car with the smell of mustard, which he simply described as “unnerving.” We understand.

Ode to the LIRR

John writes: “The woman on the left second-guesses her choice of Nathan’s as she eyes the gourmet salad on the right. While the woman to the rear enjoys salty snacks from a wax-paper sack, the woman in the poster throws up her hands in exasperation that apparently every car on the Long Island Rail Road has become a dining car.”

Beer Loving Buca spots abandoned remnants

Even NUCKY wouldn’t approve of this Piggy behavior.

New day. New look. Who knew?

Anonymously submitted from the LIRR.

One with the sammich

Matt D. from the East Village sure must commute a LOT. He snapped this on the LIRR, and writes: “Inhaling a foot long….she re-hinged her jaw after this bite.”