Commuter Chaos

Thanks to our pal GOOD, who found it difficult to deal with this on his NJ Transit ride. GOOD says “There was a third pig just to the left of the guy trying to eat his knee.”

Beer-loving BUCA was shocked and dismayed when he took a seat on the LIRR, only to discover this to his right. Vile, disgusting, monsters.



3 responses to “Commuter Chaos

  1. I get that eating on a train can be messy and it’s against the rules, but if you clean up after yourself, what’s the objection? I don’t find eating in public to be particularly gross or anything. (I don’t live in a city with a subway, so maybe I’m missing something.)

    • Thanks for checking out the website. If you ever visit NYC and ride the subway, you’ll have a better understanding of why this is a major issue. Meantime, take a look at the hundreds of vile pigs and their droppings.

  2. Beer-loving BUCA

    Your logic is flawed. The rules are not for the civilized people, they’re for the filthy trolls. Your logic has resulted in a rat infestation epidemic in NYC. That’s “the problem.”

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