This ginormous troll SAT ON ME today with her family-sized container of ice cream. I had to get up and move. Not to mention, snap this photo and move it ahead of the hundreds of submissions in the PigPen that have yet to be posted.

Because I’m lazy. And nobody cares about this stupid website. At all. And I make no money with it. So I barely care.

Look, I’m no Mayor Bloomberg fan. I think he’s generally insane. If I had billions of dollars, the last thing I would want is to be responsible for what goes on in this vile garbage dump of a city.

However, this monster is exactly the kind of person Bloomers is targeting with his anti-soda stance.

Just like betting on black is a good idea, you can bet your fat ass that this dump truck consumes 12 to 14 sodas an hour. Possibly even in her sleep. She’s also probably too stupid to figure out that you can just BUY MORE SODA to get around the 16oz cap.

She’s exactly who Mayor Billionaire would affect with his silly 16oz idea.

I hope this Zamboni keeps drinking soda. I bet she pours it on her ice cream.



One response to “NEVER STOP EATING

  1. I care! I care! I care!

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