Would you like some VOMIT with that?

There’s something incredible about getting on a crowded L train late one night and instantly wishing tasers were legal.

It was particularly frustrating capturing this pizza lover. You see, when I boarded the train and the doors closed, the “SHOWTIME” guys plopped down their boombox and started up the acrobatics. I immediately prepared myself to change cars.

As soon as we got to the next station I changed cars quickly. I almost sat down immediately, but realized the two-seater was available only because some drunk girl was vomiting like crazy mere inches away from it.

I really really really wanted a shot of the vomiting dummy, but my gut instinct was to quickly walk far away from the chunks while muttering some very bad things not quite under my breath. Then I saw her.

By the time the train approached my stop I was so angry I didn’t even care that she clearly saw what I was up to.  The guys from “SHOWTIME” had set their boombox down (I totally picked the wrong direction to flee), and I was seething angry. So Bon Appetit, Miss Hungry. Hope you realized you were dining a few feet away from a large quantity of vomit.


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