Cluck You

Another gem of a series from Pigparazzi Janelle, who writes: “Not only was this chicken/rice “dish” unpleasant to smell at 3am, but it was even worse with the smell of hot sauce splattered all over it.”

The Moneyshot.

How about a smoke and a nightcap?


3 responses to “Cluck You

  1. Hey! Quick question for ‘ya…Been checking this site out for HOURS and its hilarious, but I gotta ask you something…

    Are you guys health freaks or something? Because a lot of the food you’re showcasing actually looks really good, lol. I know you said the falafel is okay aboveground, but knocking fast food like KFC, or PIZZA, or the weird rice and pork in styrafoam…c’mon, some of that stuff is good. It just comes off like there are fitness experts running this site.

    Regardless, love it and find the photos very funny. 🙂

    • HA no, not health freaks…it’s just that fast food, pizza, falafel, etc is the most fragrant in a subway car. I’m having a burger, cheese fries, and a beer for lunch in a couple of hours….above ground! Glad you dig the site, thanks for writing.

  2. Was he eating kosher?

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