Fried Chicken Special, complete with MONEYSHOT

We love frequent Pigcatcher Janelle. Her work is top notch.

She writes:  “On the 6 train, on a muggy, humid, hot Sunday in the summer… this is really what you wanna smell. This guy went to TOWN on this chicken, almost as if he hasn’t eaten in years!”

Would The Gentleman prefer his pipe and slippers now? Or perhaps later?



6 responses to “Fried Chicken Special, complete with MONEYSHOT

  1. absolutely the dumbest idea for a website/blog I have ever seen.

  2. OH, and fuck you for not having the time to sit down at Le Bernardin for lunch like normal people. I think Ill just take your pic like the asshole I am and post it online to embarrass you because I absolutely hate myself.

    • Wow, you commented twice on the dumbest website/blog you have ever seen. Exactly what does that say about you?

      What’s Le Bernardin? Is that the only other dining option besides the subway?

  3. Hey, Trainpig! Go easy on Jerry! Did you ever think he might be the pig scoffing that chicken in the photos! Pigs need love too!

    BTW, awesome site. I ride the R and N lines from Brooklyn – Times Square. Trust me, I’ll get great photos of these oinkers.

    • That’s the funniest part of anyone who gets enraged by this site. Clearly the subjects don’t see anything wrong with eating in the subway, so why would they even care about this site? It should be completely meaningless to them.

      I think Jay Leno and Ryan Seacrest are evil. Guess what? I don’t watch or listen to anything they do!

  4. People are stupid.

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