Thanks to Chris for the first two beauties in this, our first British Pig series. He writes:  “I was in London recently and was relieved to discover that they’re no less porcine on public transportation than Americans.  I boarded one car on the Picadilly line that smelled distinctly oniony.  That’s because some chick had just finished her Tesco cheese & onion sandwich.  I had to move away because of the after-waft, which must have been her foul breath.  But she was really jawing on her dessert, a British spice drop candy called Jelly Tots.  What a jolly olde piggy she was.”

Yes, global Pigs are welcome on our website. Although the London Underground is far cleaner than our beloved hell below earth here in NYC, they lack air conditioning over there. It can be brutal. Here’s another UK Pig, courtesy of Alex. He couldn’t believe it…..she was devouring the entire pizza pie:

Back to Chris for this next one. He writes:  “Sad broken cookie abandoned on the platform at Old Street Station on the Northern Line.  Of course, they call them “biscuits” over there.  They’re so strict about it that at KFC in London – and there are many of them – they don’t even offer the item we know as a biscuit.  They have nasty, plastic-looking overly erect fries instead.  I checked. ”

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