One day, two trains, two Pigs

Understandably, Michael was not pleased with what he saw during his commute: “This ringer for Jamie Foxx in “The Soloist” on the Uptown 2 was putting away his beef and broccoli, in predictably disgusting fashion.  Needless to say the entire train car stunk.

“Mere hours later, on a downtown local 6, my nostrils were assaulted by something vile.  I looked up to find another delicate flower enjoying her souvlaki.  We all know what souvlaki smells like, right?  Now we certainly do.”


One response to “One day, two trains, two Pigs

  1. Those are absolutely GREAT photos, photographer should get a “Pig Hunter” shoulder patch. It is amazing that these people are allowed to continue these disgusting eating practices on a public train. GOOD JOB!!!

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