Seed-spewing skin-tossing scoundrel

Thanks to Michael, who writes: “This Pig pushed herself up against the doors and peeled a tangerine. She dropped the peels to the floor which you can see in the close up of her feet. She then began eating the fruit and spit the seeds onto the floor. How lovely. Soon she’ll be teaching her own kids to follow in her footsteps. There should be a stiff penalty enforced for this action. Reeducation camps would be a start.”

Camps might be a bit extreme. How about a good tasing?


One response to “Seed-spewing skin-tossing scoundrel

  1. she probably knew she was being watched or would end up on here so she was hiding.

    to be honest last time I was on a train (2 years ago) I was sitting at the platform and watched a cat size rat walk down the stairs like it owned it. thank god it decided to walk behind the steps when it came down I heard the screams.

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