NY Daily News: EPIC FAIL

Photo by Anthony Lanzilote from 3/22/11 NY Daily News

Nice job writing an article about Train Pigs without a single mention of this website.

Were they simply too lazy to research the topic before writing? Or do they not want to acknowledge that people have been pissed off about this for years?

Thanks again to AMNY, WPIX 11 News at 10, CBS2 News at 11, the Voice, Gothamist, and any other media outlet that has done a piece on Pigs and mentioned our epic battle versus the PIGS….the TROLLS…..yes, we are WARLOCKS. PIGS ARE TROLLS.

Click here to see the shoddy, incomplete article from today’s NY Daily News.


2 responses to “NY Daily News: EPIC FAIL

  1. tigerblood baby!!!!

  2. Good grief, the next time someone says eating in subways isn’t disgusting just show them that vomit-inducing photo…

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