Taking “I’m Lovin’ It” to a new level of vile

The Talented Mr. Ripley is BACK. He submitted this epic photoseries with his brand of comedy to tell the rest of the story. All of the following captions are his words:

Remind me why I don’t like going to Brooklyn again . . . Oh RIGHT.  The Q train.  I stepped on at Union Square and got sucker punched by the smell.  It wasn’t just french fries.  It was the special noxious stench of McDONALD’S fries.  There she was, right next to the door, holding her bag of tricks. Piggy snarfed down the last of her fries, fingers and lips all shiny like she’d been . . . yeah, never mind.

She went rooting through the bag so I knew the fries were just the appetizer.  Out came a new grease-laden wrapper . . .
McChicken with not-quite melted cheese-ish food-ish leaking out.  Yum.
She took an impressive first bite.
Look at that epic CHEW!
Seriously, look at the size of that first bite.
Then she really McGot to McWork on that McCardboard.
So as not to lose precious milliseconds of feeding time, she stopped moving her head away from the claw/feather/fecal sandwich while chewing.
She could have done it in four but here she is crossing the finish line on her fifth dainty bite.  With an oink oink here, an oink oink there…..Old McDonald’s had a subway car, E I E I OOOO!

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