How to assemble TRAIL MIX on the 6

Frequent Pigspotter Chris actually snapped this series on the 1, but we really wanted the title rhyme. What do you care? Settle down, Beavis.

Chris writes: “This Pig shared her trail mix recipe simply by sitting across from me on the 1. It wasn’t a stinky snack, but it sure was noisy. Step 1: Open a bag of mixed nuts and gobble about 1/4 of them to make room in the bag.

“Step 2: Add one small box of raisins.

“Step 3: Shake it.


“Step 5: Crunch it as loud as you can.” Hey wait a minute, who’s that about to get on the train? We see potential.
“Step 6: Don’t stop crunchin’!! Ever!!”

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