Nostalgic Pig

Jim snapped this in December on the nostalgia train. Damn, we forgot all about that this holiday season!! Jim writes: “These nostalgia train cars actually smell like they did back in the day because of the brakes and door hydraulics……this one DID….until this PIG opened up his styrofoam and exposed his steaming HOT MESS.”

You really do have to love the MTA employee standing right there. Everyone is admiring the nostalgia train and this guy is spraying detritus everywhere.

Excuse me sir…..would you like your pipe and slippers now or later?


3 responses to “Nostalgic Pig

  1. What an asshole, seriously. It's bad enough the trains now are defaced, but this clueless moron had to go and eat on a nostalgic train?? Fucking moron.

  2. When THAT train car is in the Transit Museum you can't even chew gum near it.

  3. And it's rather apparent that the transit worker in the picture didn't give a shit, just like most of the transit workers I've encountered

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