Greasy Egg Pig

Thanks to BigBadNYer for capturing this egg munching monster on the Q.

What a vile, disgusting, inconsiderate monster.


5 responses to “Greasy Egg Pig

  1. A friend fowarded this to me – that is me! Hellz yeah, I will not be eating on the train again with this level of public humiliation.However, I dropped nothing.Let me have it people.

  2. Love it! Way to own up to it, and thanks for having a sense of humor.

  3. haha, I randomly found him here showing the site to a co-worker. What a head trip! This site holds the power for great reform. hahaha

  4. I was pissed for about 5 seconds, but really, this is the cost of internet freedom. Plus, even mid-misdemeanor chew, I am incredibly vain. Keep it up!If anyone emails you with threats and outrage, please let them know someone does not mind being called out publicly.

  5. wow, that’s pretty funny. I am the person that took your picture eating that smelly sandwich you had that morning. i hope this humiliating incident has taught you a valuble lesson. i am glad i was able to help guide you on a new path to life on the subway.

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