Bench Pigs: A Vile Saga

A lot of people like to rationalize this behavior. I hear “oh but at least it’s not IN the subway car it’s just the platform it’s fine.”

Really now. Don’t you remember when these bastards were terrified of the platform? Look at how close I got.

Pretty soon they will be pouncing on Pigs like this. They will shred your flesh and drink your blood. Bon Appetit!

6 responses to “Bench Pigs: A Vile Saga

  1. that's a messed-up rat tail.

  2. That rat was JACKED. He wasn't happy about me snapping that shot of him. I wasn't afraid. I got the shot and he scampered back to the tracks, the big fucker.

  3. Oh look, the L train. What a surprise.

  4. I hear the rats on the L are learning how to make their own hummus.

  5. Head Pigparazzi is brave and fearless!

  6. I went to the city one day this last summer hadn't been on train in years, coming back from train in the city watched rat come down stairs almost had a heart attack my feet couldn't get off floor fast enough. next 3 stops on train seen rats on platform.

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