This strange fellow was gnawing on an unrecognizable substance, and spewing its bizarre shell all over the floor. Passengers looked on in horror at this vile display.

What the hell is that crap???? Comment if you know!!


5 responses to “WHAT IS IT??

  1. If that's only on the subway, I can only imagine what her home must look like.

  2. I think it was a male. No idea, really.

  3. I just hate people that eat in the subway, with their smelly food and throwing garbage on the floor. Why can't they just eat it were they bought it, or wait until they get home.

  4. They are selfish and do not care about how they are affecting other people. So a-holes like me start websites in the name of revenge. If tasers were legal, I'd tase them instead. Then someone could start a video blog about the guy who tasers subway eaters. Maybe it could be called guywhotasespigs.com

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