Swine Spotter brings us Christmas in July with an array of disgusting displays

Swine Spotter—we love your shots. Mr. Spotter’s captions follow each shot, starting with this one:

“A leftover shot from the winter, but let’s face it–a Pig is a Pig.” We agree.

“Used Styrofoam plate + dirty bags of bread + subway = PIG!!”
“A Lady Pig, chowing down…”  

Hmm think we like her….

“THIS piggy was ONTO me. When I got on the train, she was happily snacking away….but as soon as I got my phone out, she kind of shifted around and tried to look like she WASN’T going to town on whatever was in that brown bag. One question though…..would you?”  

Very funny Mr. Spotter.

“That breakfast sandwich didn’t stand a chance. And I’m not sure if the lady next to him always has that facial expression, or if she was particularly disgusted by this public portrayal of piggyness.”  

We say it’s the latter. She’s clearly as close to the pole as possible (huh huh huh uhhhhh) trying to avoid the inevitable food scraps that are being sprayed in her general vicinity. What a vile, disgusting monster that guy is. Backpack, earbuds, shades, widely-spread seathogging legs….he’s like a one-man army of a-holes.


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