Ringlet Wench Consumes Contents of Stomach

Chris writes: “My first thought was, “Is that bitch eating her own barf? Like a dog?” Upon closer inspection, I realized that I was correct. I think this was a falafel. She enjoyed it the first time, then had a friend hold her hair while she harfed it right back into its original tin foil.
Once the 2 train arrived, she was free to enjoy her second meal of the day: Half-digested meat and glop with a special acid reflux sauce.
Oinkette caught me snapping the third pic as she chewed, and she folded the foil over her upchuck protectively like I was going to steal it.  You can see she was ready to growl and snarl and start barking.”
Mmmmm…now we here at T Pigs want a falafel. With hummus!

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