Skeletor’s Stinky Sausage Sammy

That hilarious caption and this brilliant shot is courtesy of Chris from Manhattan, who writes: “I know it’s called a breakfast sandwich, but the sharp, tangy smell of a cheap, greasy sausage patty on the downtown 1 at 9:30 AM made my eyes water today.

It seemed this Egg McMuffin knock off – how low can you go? – was his first meal all week, because he was a) awfully skinny, b) constantly scooping the side of the muffin on the paper to get the miniscule bits of clingy stringy cheese-like substance, and c) scarfing it down super fast (I only had about a 30 second window to get the shot).  It’s the most important meal of the day, kids.”

One response to “Skeletor’s Stinky Sausage Sammy

  1. The 1 runs to Castle Greyskull?

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