105 degree glove pig

This was on a platform yesterday. It was easily 105 above ground, possibly 120 below. What’s with the glove?

3 responses to “105 degree glove pig

  1. It's for people who work on the subway, or construction, or otherwise work with their hands and don't spend all day writing a stupid blog about people who don't have desks to eat at.

  2. All day? Hardly. I have hundreds of pigs to post, have been too busy at my real job to do so. Meanwhile, you're observing and commenting on this stupid blog. Thanks!

  3. Those are rat catchers' gloves. The most likely contain the fecal remnants of namost-caught rats that squirmed out of the clutches of the good ratcatchers that work in our underground subway systems, and who often will work for the rat pents themselves, requiring none of our tac dollars to go to wastem and providing a healthy supply of rat pents to the ever increasing demand for all things rat pelts. The above anonymous poster sounds like they lead a wretched and dimented existance. That's real anger, not like the fun light hearted stuff on this blog that provides entertainment and belly-laughs to thousands.

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