New for Summer: FLOOR MELON!

Lovely Liz writes: “This guy must have purchased a quartered watermelon from a deli, may or may not have been drunk off his ass, then boarded the F train on a Tuesday evening. He proceeded to bust into that watermelon with a spoon and was going at it with such tenacity that he was forced to set it on the floor in order to dig deeper. Let me get one thing straight—this guy was not homeless. He was fiddling with his iPhone and wore a Swiss Army watch. The “come on he’s homeless” excuse doesn’t work for Mr. Hungry.” 

Like the homeless on the subway EAT. That’s a good one. They want cash for drugs and booze. Shelters and City Harvest take care of those who need a meal, we have to deal with the fresh fecal smell of the alcohol/drug addicted homeless who get all up in our faces every day and take large dumps wherever they please.

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