Grub Girl stars in "MORNING BBQ"

This epic photo series is brought to us by Chris, who writes the following: “Somebody really got her grub on this morning on the downtown 1. I don’t know how she could stand eating this slop–unidentifiable to me by sight or stench, but it looked like runny, sorry-ass grits and mystery meat slathered in barbecue sauce–at 9:30 in the morning.

She chowed hard, and licked her plate clean.

When she finished and put the foul aluminum pan away, I thought she was actually veering toward courtesy….until she placed the greasy, putrid bag on the seat next to her and left it there to rot.

The woman (victim) in the next seat jumped up and moved away.

No matter how full the train got, this bitch remained oblivious.

Eventually she chased everyone in the vicinity away, just in time to air out her nasty armpit.

Good morning, sunshine!!!”


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