Coors smells even worse all over floor


5 responses to “Coors smells even worse all over floor

  1. this website is so stupid. i mean, yeah, littering is rude, and so is eating a full meal, but really? what's the problem with eating on the subway?

  2. You just said that littering and eating a full meal on the subway are both rude….yet you don't think there is a major problem with these things on the subway?Really?Click "About us" up top for the complete explanation as to why this site exists. And click some ads. Thanks for visiting.

  3. If the MTA systems allows these people to be rude and even provides people with the means to do it (concession stands) who are you to comment?

  4. The small number of newsstands sell candy bars and other small items. Not full meals, not a beer in a paper bag (which SHOULD be legal but not all over my feet when spilled by a Pig).Who am I NOT to comment? This is still a free country, isn't it?

  5. Hey "Anonymous" — you've obviously never stained your shoes on food on the subway before, or had someone spill their soda ON YOUR HEAD. I HAVE. While many of us who ride the subway are civilized, approximately 50% are filthy disgusting animal turds who can't be trusted with food in public spaces.

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