Gunnery Sergeant Hartman enjoys a bagel

Our friends at the hilarious captured this R. Lee Ermey lookalike munching a bagel whilst in transit.
“This mother-F-er continually eyeballed me while he sullied his area with a sesame seed bagel, complete with a fragrant egg salad filling. When he was done, he got up and brushed all of the crumbs from his shirt and lap onto the floor. There were at least 30 seeds in and around his area.”



7 responses to “Gunnery Sergeant Hartman enjoys a bagel

  1. While it is of no consequence I must be honest and tell you that I cannot figure out if whether or not this man is a homosexual. Truth be told, I am leaning towards "yes."

  2. Good Lord, you people are idiots. Who cares if you the guy eats a bagel while he is traveling. Some people don't have time to sit down to a table and eat before traveling. If you are worried about the cleanliness of the subway than people eating food is the least of your problems. Plus, it's a bagel, not a roasted pig on a stick. It isn't like it is going to make the whole car smell. You people are just idiots with too much time on your hands who feel like you are so far above everybody else that you deserve to take pictures of them, without their permission, and then post them on a website to make fun of them. You are the scum of the Earth and a majority of the reason that people hate New Yorkers.

  3. Wow, you're stupid. We don't think we are "above everyone else", but you? For sure.Regardless, you have more than enough time to visit the website and write a long, rambling comment that we approved to display your ignorance and stupidity.The majority of New Yorkers hate YOU.

  4. In addition, food spewed all over the subway by Pigs helps allow the rats to multiply. There are more rats than humans in NYC. Research it. It's true. Food waste all over the subway system is a much bigger problem than people like you think. "Scum of the Earth", too funny. It is incredible that anyone defends this behavior. Bet you also think it's OK to shove people aside while barging into the train before letting people get out first. That could be another website, but not for me to run. I shove back. Hard.

  5. Even people like myself who only enter the city to visit places or people are horrified by the nasty "pig droppings" found all over the subway system. Not horrified enough to waste money on a cab, but damn close. I haven't had the opportunity to catch a pig feeding in progress, but I look forward to the day when a picture I've taken can appear here, so that all the masses who possess manners and common sense may mock it!Face it: If people from NEW JERSEY know it's wrong to be a Train Pig, you know this website is on to something…

  6. as a train operator on the subway. I cant begin to tell how nasty food smells on the train.. I can not leave my position but passengers can move if they, beer, fried chicken and fast foods are the worst ..rats roaches are eating very well off even the smallest crumbs and seeds..and that doesnt even start to look at the cigarettes and drunk bio wastes

  7. We are HONORED to read this comment from a motorman himself. We sympathize, and can only hope that people learn from this website that their behavior is vile. Unfair to everyone…even more so to you and your co-workers.Meantime, I hope you and your fellow MTA workers are enjoying the continuous mockery of Pigs.

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