Bagel Crumb, Salad Bum

JFC submitted these nice shots with no note whatsoever. We can only wonder whether or not Bagel Man took his trash with him when he left….or if the train jolted, knocking over the floor coffee. In any case, the rats feasted for sure that day on some yum crumbs.

Hmmmm….wonder if she is running from one job to another with that 9 dollar salad?


One response to “Bagel Crumb, Salad Bum

  1. People wonder why they are broke all the time….it's exactly because of behavior like this. Buying a salad most places in the city is marked up like crazy like Starbucks. These people drop about $20 a day on breakfast, coffee and lunch, which you could make at home for a couple of bucks a day.Twenty bucks a day is $5200 a year. FIVE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED. Oh yeah, and eating on the train is disgusting. Germs everywhere, and inconsiderate to others.

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