Sunflower Seed Spewing MONSTER

This a-hole clearly thought the 6 train was Yankee Stadium, as he spewed his sunflower seed shells all over the floor while munching away. Thanks to Dave for capturing this vile seed vermin.

By the way, Yanks caps are BLUE. Wish they would stop making them in every color known to man. Looks ridiculous. Then again, so does shelling sunflower seeds on the subway.


5 responses to “Sunflower Seed Spewing MONSTER

  1. Ugh. This makes me sick. How could anyone defend this behavior??

  2. This man has committed an unspeakable crime and should be shot.

  3. HAHAHA I assume that's a joke? We here at T Pigs don't advocate violence. It would be nice to see someone get a ticket for littering though.

  4. Looks like he got the poison out of his system

  5. And I agree aboout the Yankee caps! Let's not make them in the color of our arch rivals!!!

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