Bread Substance

Michael writes: “M Train – Tuesday 8:00am – Mother feeding daughter some disgusting bread substance.”

9 responses to “Bread Substance

  1. Picking on people and their kids now?I'd like to officially congratulate this blog on being very visual evidence that the internet helps people compensate for being picked on as children. Can't stick up to the schoolyard bully? That's okay, you can eventually grow up and get a website where you talk shit about people that you wouldn't dare say to their face.All the while providing photographic evidence that you were mere feet away from them while being too chicken-shit to open your mouth.

  2. Settle down, Beavis. Kids are blurred. Had this photo submission not been poor quality, the kid's face would have been blurred by ME.Where is your sense of humor? Oh wait….guess it's only on YOUR website, where you expose people like this: didn't YOU confront HIM?

  3. Chaossix6 grow a pair and stop trying to act like an internet missionary. You do the same thing! (nice evidence HeadPig.) So I am wondering, why didn't you confront him, since you are such the internet-Robinhood nowadays?and btw Chaossix6, stop eating twinkies during the morning commute, yeah I see you.

  4. Awww… is Chaossix6 having a bad day? There there muffin, Don't cry.

  5. Awww… Is Chaossix6 having a bad day? There there muffin, don't cry!

  6. Spoken like a true subway eater. I'm embarassed to share the same blogging service as you, chaossix6. Parents should be teaching kids manners, not how to act like train pigs!

  7. That's me in the picture, dumbass. I partook in the No Pants Subway ride and found my photo on Gawker the next day.I have a great sense of humor. And in having one, If I ever want to laugh at someone, I have no problem doing it to their face.

  8. Pretty funny. OK time to post another kid pig emailed to us. This one is eating on the floor. Great parenting!

  9. Incidentally, I frequently laugh openly at Pigs, and exchange glances at other people doing the same thing. Most Pigs are extremely self-involved, and have no idea that what they are doing is disrespectful to others.I also have a real job (not this) that I like, and if I picked fights with all of these people I could lose it. I'm also against violence and don't want to start fights.

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