The Rat Whisperer

“Tastee” writes: “Here’s a photo taken 4/13/2009 of a “lady” squatting down and chowing down on the platform for the “N” train 8th Ave stop….”

That looks comfortable, no?


4 responses to “The Rat Whisperer

  1. terrible. that woman is a disgrace to all of mankind. this site is providing a service to everyone who reads it

  2. "CULTURAL" differences and acceptance of others lifestyles are why we have all this crap.. in the old days somebody would have told this PIG what she is doing is 1) ILLEGAL..2) low class and 3)disgusting… Now we can say anything politically incorrect for fear of litigation, loss of jobs, and being blasted by the media

  3. She is from another country she dosen't know any better also it is comfortable for her because it the way they many of them do their # 2's they often have squat down for long periods of time if u come to chinatown u will see quite a few squatters in the same position on the streets


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