So many Pigs, so little time.

B-Side sent this in, and wrote: “Read your article this morning in AMNY….literally five minutes later I caught this woman chowing down on a bagel & cream cheese. R train, 9:30am.  Almost got one with cream cheese smeared on her cheek, but it came out too blurry. Love your blog.  Keep up the good work.”

She looks like a Sexy Pig. Makes me wonder when I see a hot chick behaving this way.

4 responses to “So many Pigs, so little time.

  1. OMG so the fuck what she was eating a bagel on her way to work it is not that serious, and im pretty sure that posting pics of people and putting them on the internet to bash them is illegal this site wont be up for very long

  2. Richard. Educate yourself. The site has been up for well over a year, and there is nothing illegal about it.Click "About us" up above to learn why this behavior is ruining your quality of life, as well as mine.Or, go F yourself. Your choice.

  3. yea let one of these people look at the site and see if they agree with you, there was nothing wrong with this girl eating a bagel on her way to her destination do you really think people is gonna withhold themselves from eating just because YOU think its unsanitary and like i said YES it is illegal to post peoples pictures without permission, the subway car isnt considered a public place like outside on the street just like homeless people can beg on the streets but once they enter the subway or subway car it becomes illegal.

  4. Dude–your English is awful, and you are wrong., from Section 1050.9:Photography, filming or video recording in any facility or conveyance is permitted except that ancillary equipment such as lights, reflectors or tripods may not be used. Members of the press holding valid identification issued by the New York City Police Department are hereby authorized to use necessary ancillary equipment. All photographic activity must be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Part.

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