Cheap Suit Pig

Our Portly Pig actually deposited his trash into a receptacle after inhaling his meal….but not before dropping this almond onto the platform. He briefly tried to kick it onto the tracks (presumably to feed his rat friends), but gave up rather quickly. Swinging that fat leg was just too difficult to attempt more than once.

7 responses to “Cheap Suit Pig

  1. Well you can obviously tell that this douche of person who wrote this "article" thinks he's better than everyone else on the planet. You're attacking a man's physical characteristics over the internet because he dropped an almond on the ground… Go ahead and chew on that for a second. Devote some of your petty time to controlling congress, leave the city suits alone you Nazi pig. I wonder if this subway vigilante even had the spine to actually make a comment to this man in person. Congratulations sir, it's people like you who make life worse for the rest of us.Thanks for not eating on the subway though…

  2. Ryan (Seacrest?)….really. Get a sense of humor. I'm a Nazi? I suppose you think Jay Leno is funny and this is not?Like the Pearl Jam song, this is NOT FOR YOU.

  3. This is about the most fucked up site i know on the internet,you guys are a fucking disgrace to mankind.Who the fuck made you special? You biggotted fucks!,,,The people of the city of ny suffer enough on the trains without being harassed by asses like you.You will eventually fuck with the wrong person…

  4. Yes, Anonymous. We are a very special disgrace. We suffer, just like you. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I just want to say if this site is bothering you, then that means you are in that boat too. You and everyone shoould care about others and STOP being disrespectful to others just because you dont know them..Just try to KEEP the city and ourself clean for a moment

  6. It's incredible how people defend litterbugs, isn't it? How many times has garbage hit you in the face when the wind blows…..above ground AND underground, people seriously need to not throw crap everywhere.I have seen people get up when the train pulls into the station….and FLING their empty food containers on to the PLATFORM. Then they sit back down.That's some third-world country crap. Call me an elitist or a bigot. I don't care.

  7. People who take the time to come on this blog and talk crap should at least have the balls to link the comment to their account or post a full name. I'm talking to you up there, Seacrest!Everyone has pet peeves. This is obviously one thousands of other people share. I am at a loss as to how anyone could defend some of the vile creatures depicted on these pages, who have no manners or common sense. Incredible.

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