Pizza Pizza Pig Pig


14 responses to “Pizza Pizza Pig Pig

  1. awesome blog! i've been writing the mta about this for over a year! keep up the good work!

  2. hey, they're hungry. what's the complaint?

  3. Click “ABOUT US” up top and read all about it.

  4. me again – second comment after "hilarious" – yo…they're eating pizza in the subway. people do that in NY. what gives?

  5. I love pizza. In a pizza place. At home. Hell, even on the street once in awhile! Never amongst the vermin and poison underground.

  6. I love the concept of this blog , but this addition made me close this site and not return.These are not pigs … they are waiting for their ride on a fairly clean platform looking at and talking to each other while eating pizza.I dont see any vermin or poison in this pic !Things can't be to pigish in the subways if this is all you can come up with….Shame ….

  7. Get a lifeAny REAL New Yorker would see nothing wrong with this at all

  8. You are right. There is no possible way crumbs were flying, attracting rats to the platform. Not to mention what a clean environment to dine in. I'm going to have to take your advice and only eat at restaurants that spray rat poison everywhere. Tasty.So—born/raised in Manhattan, living in Brooklyn—I'm a fake New Yorker? Thanks for all the traffic. Keep coming by!

  9. I love new york born in new york and will die in new york whats worng i eat in the subway befor when are u hungry must eat nothing worng with it

  10. Scroll up, click "About us", read.

  11. I can't believe that with all the problems New Yorkers face that this is what bothers people. How pathetic can people be. No real New yorker would ever have a problem with eating on the subway. Taking up seats is another matter…tell them to move, count to 3 and sitdown. Problem solved.

  12. Meanwhile, here you are. Giving me web traffic…and commenting, no less! Thanks for being even MORE pathetic.What's with the "No real New Yorker" nonsense anyway….just because we live here we have to put up with everyone's nonsense? Tell me you have never screamed at a cabbie who almost killed you.I'm such a REAL NEW YORKER I was hit by a cab in December 2002. I sued. Settled out of court.The transplants and bridge/tunnel are destroying our city. That's why I moved to Bklyn after over three decades in Manhattan.

  13. try and take a picture of me and you'll be posting a pic of the inside of your colon cause thats where your camera is going to end up. use your time for more productive things you f'ing loser

  14. Thanks Anonymous. I'm glad you were so productive this morning, you took the time to check out the website AND comment. You, sir, are a WINNER!

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