Cowman captures a pair of pizza pigs, and a rare TEAT PIG!!

Cowman writes: “I spotted a whole bunch of pigs on the train the other day, apparently I was on the cattle car.

First, in walked two piggies who sat down and consumed their slices of pizza in unison. They ate together so perfectly, you’d think they were training for the Piglympics.

All of a sudden momma pig entered the car with her baby, whipped out her teat and started breastfeeding her little piglet right there on the train. It could have been cute except for the fact that it was disgusting.”

Say it with us….just like George Takei in the commercial…..”OHHHH MYYYYY!!!

This unfortunate behavior has been spotted above ground by the Head Pigparazzi in Charge (me).

OK fine, first person for these two stories:

1. I was at one of my favorite bars in Brooklyn (dba) sipping a pint of fine stout in the back garden area a couple of weekends ago with a friend. There were several couples there with babies.

All of a sudden, not two feet away, out came a teat and feeding began. My friend was seething. I was laughing.

2. I had just flown into San Francisco for a fun vacation with my then-girlfriend. We found ourselves heading into the cafeteria of a store called Berkeley Bowl (yes, in Berkeley) to scarf down burritos shortly after landing.

All of a sudden, not two feet away, a couple placed their baby ON THEIR DINING TABLE and proceeded to change a POOPIE DIAPER. 
Welcome to California, indeed. People are vile, disgusting creatures across this great country of ours. 
And now, our take on an American classic:
This dump is your dump, this dump is my dump
From California, to the New York Island From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters This dump was made for you and me As I was riding the disgusting subway I saw above me an endless McFlurry
I saw below me a five dollar footlong
This dump was made for you and me Chorus I've roamed and rambled and I've followed my footsteps To the sparkling streets of the town of Berkeley
And all around me babies were pooping This land was made for you and me Chorus The sun comes shining as I was strolling The wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling The mother was lifting her shirt for feeding
This land was made for you and me Chorus As I was MTA ridin' - I saw a sign there And that sign said - no radio playin' But about the feeders.... it didn't say nothin! Doodie was made for you and me! Chorus In the squares of the city - In the shadow of the steeple Near the subway station - I see my people And some are feeding and some are crapping
Is this land still made for you and me?
Chorus (2x)

22 responses to “Cowman captures a pair of pizza pigs, and a rare TEAT PIG!!

  1. perhaps you missed the definition of mammal. Those nursing mothers were doing what they were designed to do feed a hungry baby. don't want to watch turn your head.

  2. I like to masturbate. I don't do it on the train or at a bar.

  3. She should have covered herself with a blanket to feed her baby.

  4. I used to thing your site was funny. But you have gone the wrong way now.

  5. There's nothing wrong with your opinion. Or mine. Clearly there is a correct way to do this in public. Uncovered in a subway car or at a bar filled with drunk a-holes, in my opinion, is inappropriate. Believe me, I'm not the only one with this opinion. I have nothing to do with the following website, and look at what they captured:

  6. oh I see so ppl are ok with your observations of others disgusting feeding habits but when you point out the inappropriateness of an infant feeding on its mother everyone is up in arms??? If feeding time is natural mammal behavior then why do we hate adult train pigs?? Aren't they also doing what's natural for us humans?? Maybe if this kid were eating out of a styrofoam carton they'd feel like we do…GROSS…This woman is training her kid to be a full grown train pig…you didn't go too far dude…it's selfish and disgusting and there's lots of natural mammalian behavior that's unacceptable for public display… This is something that could have been taken care of prior to boarding a crowded subway car. C'mah it's not Amtrak how far could she be going that this kid had to eat right now??? A self-important pig is the worst kind of pig of all!

  7. comparing nursing to masturbating is wrong. If you don't like it look the other way. This is not littering, it is not affecting you.

  8. Jesus Christ. I am entitled to my opinion, as are you.BREASTFEED. Please. Do. It is natural. And healthy.If you are going to do it on the subway, COVER UP.Things are disgusting enough in the train. Come on. Do you really think it is OK to bust out a teat and commence feeding without A LITTLE DISCRETION???Mammals also excrete and urinate. We know enough to do this behind closed doors.Breastfeeding can happen behind a sheet.Enough already.I am going to beat off now. DEAL WITH IT!! Oh right….I am in my living room! You don't have to deal with it. Guess what? It is AS IMPORTANT TO ME to beat off as it is to a mother to breastfeed.I am a single guy. When I am lucky enough to get a date, I am an event planner/ATM machine.Beating off is the only pleasure I can get without spending money.I agree—-breastfeeding is THE WAY TO GO—if you want a healthy baby. For the love of PETE—don't stick it in my face. You can do it TWO FEET AWAY!!! Cover it up, and I won't care. DON'T COVER IT UP?? I will take out my penis and RUB IT VIGOROUSLY. Mammals do that too. It is completely natural. What is your problem with that? I want to shoot my load on you. What is your problem with that??? Isn't that completely NATURAL?!@?!??!?!?!??

  9. How come you don't live in Texas?

  10. Texas?? I'm not white!! Therefore, I'm not welcome.

  11. then you need your own planet.

  12. How would you leave all of these anonymous comments if I was on another planet?Glad you are enjoying the website so much….click some ads while you are here!

  13. opposition to breast feeding must be an american thing…or a white people thing…to even compare beating off to nursing is sick and unfounded…there is nothing dirty or perverted about breastfeeding….

  14. Breastfeeding is completely natural, and the mother has the right to do it wherever she pleases, however…our culture dictates that we have a certain amount of discretion in public places. She should have at the very least had something to cover herself up. She may have the right to feed her child, but the rest of the riders have their own right to have a tit-sighting-free ride should they choose.

  15. You are not a parent so do not understand. When your infant needs something (food, attention)there is no "later". Even when you pump milk and take it with you there are times you run out and sometimes there's just nothing to cover-up with. It's not ideal, but try to tell that to a 2 month old. You'll be surprised when the time comes. AND Stop taking pics of nursing mothers you PIG!

  16. When a child is breastfeeding you see nothing but the baby's head. You see more exposed breast any day in the summer on the train than you do when a woman is breast feeding.Shame on you for contributing to the criminalization mindset of women using their breasts for their intention.

  17. I'm glad everyone is voicing their opinions. Is it so wrong to have differing opinions?Quite frankly, shame on me for even creating this website. hahahahaha

  18. It is fine to have differing opinions but yours is hurtful it also reinforces an negative stereotype.What if I were to say "It is ok for black people to eat watermelon, but only in private."

  19. Comparing these two things is as silly as me comparing breastfeeding to beating off. I am reinforcing nothing. I didn't change your mind, did I? Anyone who would change their views because of something TRAINPIGS.COM said would also be likely to toss themselves off the Verrazano if asked.The truth is, plenty of people exist who do not agree with you. I know plenty of women who like to keep things like this private, or try to be as discreet as possible about it.Here's a forum to debate further with more people:

  20. No, insults are insults

  21. Hey, assholes…It is every mother's legal right in the state of New York to breastfeed in public, without cover, where ever and whenever she wants. Get over it. To the mother in the picture…ROCK ON!!!

  22. Never said it was illegal or that laws should be changed.Yes, I am an a-hole. Most people are.Hey while you are here, check out some adult pigs!

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