Another pair of beauties courtesy of SLO ANNE SPANISH

Slo Anne captured this vulgar display over the weekend on the 6, and writes: “ME RIKEY TRAIN PIGS!!”


7 responses to “Another pair of beauties courtesy of SLO ANNE SPANISH

  1. Dude, what the fuck is up with the ignorant racist shit?! "Me rikey train pigs", are you serious? I just lost respect for this blog and realized how your idea is good, but misapplied. You just dropped to the same level as the inconsiderate people you put on display here. Find that intelligent approach and you'll get the cred you are seeking.

  2. Slo Anne's remark is plain racist I prefer a food pig over a racist one

  3. Why is everyone so PC these days? Have you noticed that this website pokes fun at ALL people? Doesn't matter the race, creed, color, size, gender…..everyone who behaves inappropriately is asking for it.I was at a Yankee game a few years ago….a bunch of fans had created a huge sign that said "CONGRATURATIONS TO HIDEKI". Yes, CONGRATURATIONS.I bet you think it's racist that I just told that true story. Jeez. Go watch Jay Leno or listen to Ryan Seacrest if this site offends you so much.Oh, and who said this site was looking for cred? Believe it or not…every news story or article you have seen has come from reporters seeking a story and emailing ME. I have not reached out to anyone for publicity.I am laughing that you think I should go with the "intelligent approach" when I refer to myself as the HEAD PIGPARAZZI IN CHARGE.

  4. Hay pigparazzin do u have a life ???

  5. It's debatable. What about you? You keep coming back to a website you don't like. I suppose the answer would be "no".

  6. dude. wtf. i was thoroughly enjoying this blog until i came upon this gem. good going with the racist comment.pigparazzi, just because it happens everyday to every race; doesn't make it okay nor should any of it be acceptable. racism, racist comments, homophobia; none of it is okay, ever. and i don't think the story you shared is racist. what the fans did were racist and ignorant. you sharing that particular story to use as some sort of "proof" that racism is OKAY, is ignorant.

  7. Anonymous—you misinterpreted the Yankee Stadium story. They were Asian fans making an honest mistake. No racism or ignorance involved. Just funny. I pasted Slo Anne Spanish's comment because it was funny. Sorry you don't find any of these things funny.

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