Double Pig Trouble

We are highly impressed by Pig Fighter’s creativity on this one. It damn near brought a tear to our eyes: 

This little pig ate a sammie
On the Q Train at 9 AM
Scarfed it down, the little hammie
Then started coughing up some phlegm.
A stinkier pig, this Hunter found,
Later in the very same day.
His pot was bellied and his cheeks were round,
He had not much to say.
Stuffing chicken souvlaki into his face,
He snorted and chortled and smelled up the train,
Unaware that his stank was ruining the space,
Placing the rest of us in unsavory pain.
But Fear Not! My brothers and sisters,
Their numbers are dwindling to minorities.
Together we can take down these pig-listers,
Just make it your priority!


Pig Fighter



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