Rib Pigs

This incredible shot comes to us thanks to “Pig Fighter” on the 2 train. 
He writes: “The best part about this was that a few seconds after I pigparazzi’d him, he stood up and started screaming ‘AW S%#@, MAN! AW S#%$! MY BELT! WHERE’S MY F#@KING BELT? AW SH#@, SON!’

He had left his Gucci belt on the subway platform a few stops back and was only now realizing it. The rest of us on the train quietly smiled as he grabbed his sagging pants and exited at the next stop, prompting the woman seated across the row to look at me and say: ‘It shoulda been around your waist.’ That’s Karma, PIG.”


That’s beautiful . Simply beautiful.

Pig Fighter, you coined a new term. PIGPARAZZI!!


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