Plane Pig?

We have to admit, we were a bit conflicted about this one. First off, where there is a tray table, there is going to be food. Not only is it allowed, it is encouraged. 
In addition, when the airlines weren’t nickel and dime-ing us to death ($20 to check a frigging bag??) they would serve “meals” that would often smell like the rotting corpse of a deer on the side of 80 West. 
However, now that we know that we need to bring our own meals when we fly, the game has most certainly changed. Smart travelers will bring a sandwich, perhaps a bag of chips to go with it….maybe even a salad or some sort of hot meal nuked at the airport right before boarding. 
Ladies and gentlemen, what was emailed to us is way beyond what we would consider acceptable. 
After viewing the following photo, say it with us: “I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE MUTHA-F-ING PIGS ON THIS MUTHA-F-ING PLANE!!!!”
This shot was anonymously submitted to with the following caption:

“She kept reaching in her bag and pulling out these little Tupperware containers of food. As she opened up each one, the rancid odor wafting throughout the cabin got worse and worse. As you can see, I had a front row seat to the horror.  I wanted to gag.”

One response to “Plane Pig?

  1. I would have started talking loudly about medical things that gross people out. I would use her food containers as visual refrences.

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